Released on May 2022 / Mirare label

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The discovery of César Franck dates back to Tanguy’s tenth birthday. This then powerful shock seized the young pianist, and left him with a delicate and nostalgic imprint, which later led him to consider the work and genius of the composer.

This new album, the first recording with orchestra for Tanguy de Williencourt, revisits this childhood memory by paying tribute to the music of César Franck, whose bicentennial is being celebrated in 2022. With this program, Tanguy de Williencourt pays double tribute to the memory of the composer, since the recording took place in his native country, and with a Belgian orchestra: the pianist could not have dreamed of better partners than the Flanders Symphony Orchestra, with Kristiina Poska at the helm. In the service of a multi-faceted composer with a singular career, these talented musicians with rich backgrounds have joined forces to perform Franck’s late pieces, some of which have been little performed – notably the symphonic poem Les Djinns – that testify to the great originality of César Franck’s writing.

Artist acclaimed by his peers, Tanguy de Williencourt, after two already highly acclaimed solo discs with Mirare, here brilliantly celebrates the genius of a composer of stature often overshadowed by his contemporaries.